Vesuvio - 14" Gas Fired Pizza Oven

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The ultimate choice for pizza enthusiasts. The retro shape and modern matte black finish results in a minimalist yet elegant look.

Achieve professional level authentic pizza in your own home. The Vesuvio pizza oven is incredibly quick to set up, and heats up in just 15 minutes. Once up to temperature it will cook your beautiful pizza in just 90 seconds.

The pizza oven is supplied with a 12mm cordierite pizza stone. This carefully crafted pizza stone ensure optimal heat distribution and a crispy, stone baked style crust.

From your garden to a campsite, the Vesuvio is easy to transport and setup. It's foldable legs and simple operation means you can pick it up and transport it anywhere.

The Vesuvio is the ideal choice for those wanting to create authentic Italian pizzas in style. Get ready to impress your friends and family with delicious pizza.

24 months warranty