Acqua Panna 500ml PET (4 x 6)

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Acqua Panna’s 500ml PET bottle with screw cap is the drink holder-friendly format that is perfect to take with you in your purse or backpack for hydration on-the-go. Let the freshness of the natural spring water from Tuscany accompany you wherever you are, whether it’s a casual food occasion or simply to keep you going throughout your work day.  

The smooth tasting water of Acqua Panna is the result of its naturally occurring, unique mineral balance thanks to its 14-year journey through the earth. It’s bottled at the source at the Acqua Panna spring in the Mugello mountain in Tuscany, Italy, so you can rest assured it is fresh and pure just as nature intended it to be.

Our PET bottles are 100% recyclable, so enjoy your own journey and then keep nature’s journey going the right way.

24 units per carton

Exclusive for South Australian Customers ONLY.